Books: Ethics for Educational Leaders
Title:      Ethics for Educational Leaders
Categories:      Leadership
BookID:      32
Authors:      Weldon Beckner
ISBN-10(13):      0205360912
Publisher:      Pearson
Publication date:      06-28-2003
Edition:      1
Number of pages:      176
Owner Name:      Bob Thompson
Owner Email:
Language:      English
Rating:      2.5 
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Product Description

Appropriate to all levels of professional development for educational leaders, this brief book emphasizes the practical application of contrasting philosophical and ethical concepts to realistic educational leadership challenges. Recognizing that educational administrators are required to make decisions in problem situations without ideal solutions, the major purpose of the book is to provide a philosophical and theoretical base along with practical suggestions and activities to use that foundation in making the best decisions possible in difficult situations. Throughout this book five main objectives are presented to guide the student, emphasizing the practical uses of philosophy and ethics by educational leaders.

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