Books: Turnaround Principals for Underperforming Schools
Title:      Turnaround Principals for Underperforming Schools
Categories:      Leadership
BookID:      38
Authors:      Rosemary Papa, Fenwick English
ISBN-10(13):      9781607099734
Publisher:      R&L Education
Publication date:      07-21-2011
Number of pages:      108
Owner Name:      Bob Thompson
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Language:      English
Rating:      0.5 
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Product Description
There's no mystery in turning around low-performing or failing schools, but there are also no recipes. In Turnaround Principals for Underperforming Schools Rosemary Papa and Fenwick English identify the essential ingredients for success. The causes of failure are complex and interactive. Schools are not inert structures but living organisms. Putting schools back together is a collaborative venture. It takes a team to turn around a school, but it all begins with the leadership. The key to success rests in a school leader who has a fundamental understanding of the dynamics of schooling, human motivation, and possesses the resiliency and energy to engage in altering the internal landscape of an unsuccessful school. Two veteran educators have put together a work based on their research and experience for the past half-century. They pull no punches. The challenge is not only to turn low-performing or failing schools around, but to enable them to become more socially just places for all students.
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