(The Information I Would Want About a District Before I Decided to Take the Job)


Instructions: Use this brainstormed list of ideas to develop your own audit criteria

Group I (black ink)

    1. Who else on staff applied for the job
    2. Finances – 5 yr. reflection
    3. Demographics
    4. How long last superintendent stayed and hwy he/she left
    5. Staff turnover
    6. Test scores/ SI status
    7. What issues Board wants addressed
    8. Hot issues in community
    9. How much community involvement in school
    10. Denomination of Board members (church attended)
    11. What is school noted for in region
    12. Policies (Board)
    13. Number of people who normally attend board meetings
    14. School’s relationship with the press
    15. Statistical report
    16. Length of board member’s tenure


Group II (Blue ink)


    1. Why are you a board member & how long served?
    2. Previous 3-yr fund balance/enrollment
    3. AYP status
    4. Master plan – building program
    5. Strength’s & weakness of district in the eyes of each board member & priorities
    6. Experience & age of staff
    7. Would like to know what each board member believes his/her job or duty is.
    8. What is taboo?  Is there a sacred cow?


Group III (Red ink)


    1. Financial – last 3 years
    2. Academic status
    3. Leadership vacancies (problems)
    4. Facilities Master Plan – who, what, when, $$
    5. Status of Board members
    6. Data on community support
    7. Millage results / amount, etc. ..  track record
    8. Union presence
    9. Training, Board staff
    10. Curriculum, Technology, ACSIP, Athletics/ Activities
    11. Financial package/contract


Group IV (Green ink)


    1. Avg. Supt. Stay
    2. Financial situation
    3. Board tenure (stability) spouses, children
    4. Support PD for Supt.
    5. Academic situation – test scores, curriculum
    6. Expectations of Board – status Quo charge
    7. Demographics
    8. Avg. class size
    9. Current Administrative team status
    10. Community issues
    11. Who is going to run district?
    12. Chain of Command
    13. Level of involvement
    14. School issues
    15. Expectations of Supt.
    16. Who ‘in-house’ wants the job
    17. What board sees as district’s strengths/ concerns
    18. Timeline for hire